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Palmera Buganvilla  
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Cabo de Gata, a paradise for outdoor activities
With a temperate climate and over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar is ideal for outdoor activities in the fall, winter and spring, and activities in the sea in the warmer half of the year.  


Hiking and rambling: there is an extensive network of coastal and inland footpaths crossing a wide variety of landscapes. Possible all year round, best to avoid the hottest times of the summer. Ideal in autumn, winter and spring.
Friends of the Park Association (Asociación Amigos del Parque) walking tours, free activity open to all, for discovering new routes and walking in good company.

Bike: you can enjoy many mountain bike routes along the roads of the Park. Rental of mountain bikes with GPS and routes available to all levels in Cabo Activo. It also possible to rent bikes at Camping Los Escullos and some sports shops in San José and Las Negras.

Paragliding: Cabo de Gata offers exceptional landscapes for paragliding.

Guided tours: on foot or by road from the Tourist Office in San  José, and Malcamino.

Horse riding: horseback riding from San José or Aguamarga.

Triathlon: the Natural Park is an exceptional environment for combining jogging, cycling and swimming.

Caving: on the Natural Park of Sorbas Gypsum Karst, visit Sorbas Caves.

Sailing boats in Genoveses © OM
Walking in Las Presillas © OM


Swimming in the sea: possible at numerous sandy beaches in exceptionally well conserved natural surroundings. For the non-hardy from June to October, for the brave all year around.

Snorkelling: with goggles, snorkel and fins one can discover marvellous marine depths and wildlife with no other equipment nor further preparation.

Naturism: Most of the natural beaches permit nudist bathing alongside clothed bathers.
Paragliding in Los Escullos © OM
Kayaking in Cabo de Gata © OM


Diving: offered by a wide range of clubs and diving schools in Las Negras, Rodalquilar, La Isleta and San José.

Windsurfing: is practiced in San Joé and Genoveses, Club de Windsurf in Cabo de Gata


Kayaking, Canoeing: in San José, Happy kayak.

Boat excursions: guided tours available, Cabo a fondo



Geology: The Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar has a rich geological marked by volcanic activity, with a variety of geological formations in the spectacular cliffs on the coast and in the mountain mining. Workshops and routes with Geogata.

Botany: there is great botanical wealth in the Natural Park as a result of the proximity to the sea and its semi-arid climate. We’ve counted 20 endemic species. Recommended is a visit to the Botanic Garden of "El Abardinal" in Rodalquilar.

Ornithology: Bird-watching, we recommend visiting Las Salinas de Cabo de Gata; the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata is a Special Protected Area (SPA) for Birds, routes con Oz Nature Wildlife Tours & Trips.

Astronomy: the Cabo de Gata skies, very clean and away from contaminant sources of illumination is particularly suitable for the observation of stars and other celestial phenomena.



Photography: the famous Cabo de Gata light has inspired numerous photographers such as Bernard Plossu, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Oscar Molina, Jeanne Chevalier, José Alberto Ubierna, etc.
Workshops about photography are organized every summer in Cabo de Gata with renowned photographers nationally and internationally: Talleres de fotografía en Cabo de Gata.

García Lorca, "Bodas de Sangre" (Blood Wedding).
Carmen de Burgos – daughter of the village of Rodalquilar - “Puñal de Claveles”
Juan Goytisolo, "Campos de Níjar"
José Angel Valente and his poetic work
Michel Houellebecq, "La possibilité d'une île"

Cinematographic tourist route of Almeria in Los Albaricoques with the original scenes from a great many of the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone and others.
Pilar Miró, "El pájaro de la felicidad".
Film projections in San José and Las Negras
Open-air film viewings in summer

Etnografía: Ethnographic Trail, Water Trail, Pirate Trail

Crafts and creatives :
Pottery: numerous traditional and contemporary pottery workshops and shops in Níjar
Pita Escuela del Rio Aguas: create musical instruments and other objects from ecological agave wood.
Rafael Ebrero: creates furniture and other objects from recycled material
Matthew Weir: artist, potter and engraver, the "Tienda de los Milagros" in Níjar.

Ulli Butz, Anne Kampschulte

Xavier de Torres, Safi.
The Cabo de Gata is an ideal place for drawing and painting outdoors.

At the website www.cabodegatalife you will find interviews with inhabitants of the Park along with cultural programmes and activities within the Natural Park.

Ornithology in Cabo de Gata © OM
Trekking In Níjar © OM
Caving In Sorbas © OM
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